17 March 2010

8 - 15 March - Catching Up

Last week was a bust. Between having a cold, my neck still bothering me and the rain, I just didn't feel like photoing or blogging. I did manage to find some stuff on my camera though, so sharing those.

With nice weather upon us FINALLY, maybe I will get back into the swing of things

8th - All I managed for the day
8 March/365 - Only One

9th - Expander - the daughter's mouth
9 March/365 - Expander

13th - Oreo Cupcakes w/Oreo Cream Icing
13 March/365 - Oreo Cupcakes w/ Oreo Cream Icing

14th - Signs of Spring - needed some sunshine in the house with all the rain we had
14 March/365 - Spring Bouquet

15th - Gardner Lake? Gardner Field under water. There's a baseball field under there somewhere.
15 March/365 - Gardner Lake?

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