08 March 2010

5, 6 & 7 March - NJ State HS Wrestling Championships

This past weekend we headed to Atlantic City for wrestling. Not just any wrestling, but the best of the best in NJ wrestling. Two of my son's team mate's made it there - unfortunately my son came in 4th in his region and just missed it. He has two more years to try to get there.

The Three Amigos left by limo with the coach on Friday morning. Here they are getting ready to leave.

5 March/365 - Limo Ride to AC

We left about an hour later and about 45 minutes into our ride down the Garden State Parkway, my husband ran over some kind of metal box in the road and our tire went promptly flat. UGH! We had to unload everything out of the car to get to the crank thing to lower the tire from under the car. Thank goodness the Ramandan family happened to see us and stopped to help us out. I've never changed a flat and didn't want to get a crash course on the parkway with cars zipping by. You can see the gash in the tire at the three o'clock position.

punctured tire

After record speed in tire changing we were on our way to AC to check into Bally's and hit the Boardwalk to head to Boardwalk Hall to start watching the weekend of wrestling.

Saturday morning we got up early for a walk on the boardwalk in the beautiful sunshine and fresh air. We stopped at Johnny Rockets for breakfast before heading to Boardwalk Hall at 10 am to watch the next round of wrestling.

6 March/365 - diet vanilla coke

on the beach

We had a break in wrestling from 2-5 so we had some lunch and visited the shops in the Mall on the Pier. Kaitlyn made her own candybar at It'Sugar, which we had to visit after we saw it on the Food Network.

candy bar


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