02 March 2010

28 Feb - Pinned!

His wrestleback match that he won and earned the spot to wrestle for 3rd place and a trip to Atlantic City.

This match turned out way better than I though it would. For once it was nice for him to prove me wrong! I didn't think he was going to win and I don't think he did either. Ever since he starting wrestling when he was 6 years old he always lost to this wrestler. This wrestler was second in our counties, my son was fourth. So when my son pinned him in 56 seconds that made the whole long day of wrestling worth it!

As you see in tomorrow's photo -- he came in 4th place and didn't earn a place to wrestle in Atlantic City, but the fact that he made it through to the consolations (when he was out in the prelims last year) and this match - was just awesome!

I know this doesn't look like a pin, but I think this was the ref's hand on the way up and my son had already started to let him up. Because in the video it's a pin!

28 Feb/365 - Pinned!

His other win from the day against somebody from Phillipsburg


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