02 March 2010

1 March - Coach Duff

Steven and his teammate with one of their coaches. Last year when I met him, I told him he looked like Duff. He hadn't heard of Duff, so I made him watch Food Network.

1 March/365 - Coach Duff?!

And a bonus photo for today

Looks Can Be Deceiving

He lost this match 15-2 and with that his bid for going to Atlantic City this weekend to wrestle in High School States. (But we are going to watch his two teammates that placed.)

He had a great season though - 33 wins (19 of those pins) and 6 losses.

He had a 1st place tournament finish at the Parsippany Tournament. Was 4th in the Counties, 3rd in the Districts and 4th in the Regions.

He's a sophomore, so we still have two more years with lots of wrestling.

Looks can be deceiving

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