20 April 2011


Thursday's Outfit


Jeans - Old Navy
Tank - Old Navy
Cardi - BJ's
Necklace - made by me
Ring - QVC
Camera strap - made by me

Friday's Outfit

very bad picture!  yikes!

Pink flats - WalMart
Jeans - Old Navy
White Shirt - WalMart
Green Cardi - Target
Coat - Target
Necklace - JC Penney

The Girlie's Outfit

The girlie's WIW

Grey flats - H&M Outlet
Jeans - Levi's
Grey & White Tshirt - Macy's
Hoodie - PS

By the end of the day she had a matching headband.

Matching Headband



Jeans - Old Navy
Striped Shirt - Old Navy
White Tank - Old Navy
Watch - Toy Watch
Ring - QVC
Stretchy Bead Bracelets - made by me

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Kim @ Cheap Chic Home said...

You look so cute. I love your use of bright colors and your photography finesse :). Hugs, Kim

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