24 February 2010

23 February - Regions & 50th Career Win

Tonight was Region 1 Prelims (at least that's what I think they were) at Wallkill Valley. The 2nd & 3rd place finishers from the Districts in this region wrestled to see who would go on to Friday's Quarter Finals. Of the 5 wrestlers that we had in tonight, 3 are moving on. Steven being one of them. He will be joined by Adam Ramadan and Luke Homeijer. These three will be joining their other team mate, Jan Rosenberg, who placed first in our Districts. The 4 of them are supposed to be bleaching their hair as a group activity - oh goodness!

Steven was lucky enough to wrestle somebody from Vernon who he had already pinned during their regular dual match. Tonight he did it a little faster - in 26 seconds. One mom blinked and it was over. It was his 31st win for this season and 18th pin for this season. Overall his 50th career win. As a celebration for this my husband gave him a brand new, crisp $50 bill. That brought a smile to his face.

Here's his 50th win - I didn't get a great photo of him getting his hand raised, but I think my friend did, so I will hijack his photo.

23 Feb/365 - 50th Career Win

Some more favorites. Our seniors got to wear brand new singlets. Event though they are white, I still thought they looked pretty cool. If you know wrestling, you know all about white singlets - you don't want to wear them because they show too much - yikes!


new singlet - back

new singlet - front


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