27 September 2009

26 Sept - Another Football Saturday

Yesterday afternoon we got to watch our poor Morris Knolls Eagles get creamed by Delbarton 49-6. It wasn't a pretty sight. It was 42-0 at half time. After half time the coach took out the varsity players - the other team took out their varsity - and put in the JV (which consists of the juniors who don't normally play varsity and the sophomores [the sophomores at our school also play JV]) they scored a defensive touchdown and moved the ball very well. My son who is a sophomore had several good runs and tackles.

Last night, however, our Varsity youth team creamed Madison 34-6. Another good win for a team who never had a win before this year. Coming into the season they were 0-19 for the last two years. They won last week and this week. Let's keep up the streak! The head coach of this team coached my son's team for several years and that team was 33-1. So we are hoping this team has many more wins this season.

Here are some photos from the Blue Angels game before I finally had to put my camera away at half time because of pouring rain.





half time score

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