29 May 2009

The Girlie's Room

I'm finally participating in Kelly's House Tour. I love, love, love my daughter's room. In fact when she was an infant, this same color was done in a different room and then she moved to a bigger room. I had to have the paint custom made because they didn't make it anymore. It's actually a periwinkle color - although it looks blue in the photos.

View from the hallway.

View from her bathroom

Her bookcase that we made before she was born, because I am too cheap to pay Pottery Barn prices. This was an old brown wood bookcase that hubby and father in law converted after I designed it. Then I painted to match her room. It now holds her hair stuff and books.

Waverly valances in Blossom Hill pattern. Too bad it's now discontinued.

45 year old dress. This was mine when I was a baby.

More of the Blossom Hill line - we got these at Home Goods.

The whole set it on my Flikr

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Aimee said...

I love your old baby dress!

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