22 January 2009

21 Jan/365 - Lehigh Introductions

He always makes sure he turns the opposite way so I don't get his face.

MK v. Roxbury - we won 2 bouts. Thank goodness nobody got pinned or the 30-something to 6 score would have been a lot worse.

Our team is known as a "Young Team" this year. Most of the boys on the team don't start wrestling until they get to high school. It's hard to compete with other schools where everybody has wrestled since they were 6. There are only two on the varsity team this year who have wrestled that long - my son and other freshman. They are holding their own, but having a tough time because they are freshmen. A 14 year old body and and 18 year old body are way different!

But our feeder program has great numbers so hopefully in the next few years we will be back to the level we were at 3 years ago when we won districts.

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