15 May 2008

The Scar

Last Friday the girlie had surgery for a cyst that was under her scalp (or so we thought). Her surgery wasn't scheduled until 1:30 pm - try to keep a 7 year old from not eating - it's not fun (we were all starving - and the like bad parents we are - as soon as she went in - we hit the snack machine).

She did well going into the operating room - I was allowed to go in with her until she was out. After 35 minutes later her surgeon comes out and calls us into a room and starts out by saying "Your daughter is fine" - can you say "heart stoppage?!". Anyway, the couldn't take the cyst out because the skull had already grown over the top of it - so we went though everything for nothing. She didn't tolerate the anesthesia very well. She got sick coming out of it. She was more than her usual "Sybil self" (gee I wonder where she gets that from?!). They gave her medication for the nausea, pushed the iv fluids and they finally released her around 5:15 - 5:30 pm. She looked and felt horrible.

So we go for her post op visit on Wednesday, he will schedule for a CT scan to see if the cyst is contained and not growing downward. That would mean a trip to a neurosurgeon and possibly another surgery. Please pray this isn't the case.

Didn't bring the camera to the hospital - but got her at home and her scar.

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~Brenda said...

What a worry. :( Prayers for you.

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